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Weight Loss

Did you know that only around 5% of people who lose weight actually manage to keep it off?

Many people who lose weight did something unsustainable to get it off. They cannot carry on like this, which is why the weight is gained again.

Put simply, most people cannot stay on a diet forever!

To be one of the 5% of people who CAN lose weight and keep it off, you either need to stick to a diet for the rest of your life, OR learn how to adapt your lifestyle so that you can maintain a healthy weight and never need to diet again. This usually involves eating more, eating the right foods, and enjoying some of those foods which were strictly off the menu in the diets you’ve tried before.

Based on my tried and tested 3 step weight loss programme, South Molton Slimmers is easy to follow, flexible, and puts you in complete control of what you eat. 

Learn to see food as a pleasure, not a pain with my lovely, friendly little weight loss club:

  • Monday 6.30pm South Molton Slimmers @ The Coaching Inn, South Molton £3


Why My Method Works


  •  No need to count calories/points/sins
  • No feeling of deprivation
  • Focusing on the nutritional benefits of what you eat means that weight loss comes naturally
  • The programme is based on simple eating principles with no complicated rules to stick to
  • This will fit in with your lifestyle, family and commitments, as you can choose exactly what you want to eat 
  • You will feel better than ever, so you’ll want to keep going
  • You can eat real food! 

Benefits of South Molton Slimmers

Following this programme and attending the weekly group has helped several ladies to achieve the following benefits:

Improved body confidence

Healthier skin, hair and nails

Less bloating and digestive health complaints

Better mental health

Increased enjoyment of food

Improved mindset and attitude

More motivation to exercise and stay active

Better muscle tone 

Reduced frequency of illness

Improved long-term health conditions

More energy

Better sleep patterns

Reduced body fat percentage levels

What Happens At Group?

It can be a bit daunting attending a weight loss club meeting for the first time. Each week, the weigh in takes place first, and results are kept confidential unless you decide to share them with the group. As well as your weight, I will regularly measure your body fat percentage, muscle mass and body water content using my scales. This will give you an insight into how your body is changing. Whilst I am weighing members, the rest of the group is welcome to chat, share tips and discuss how they are getting on. When all weights have been taken, I will return to the group. Each week I come prepared with a different topic to discuss. Members are encouraged to make requests for subjects they would like to learn about or help that they would like to receive. The group discussions are all about support and knowledge; you will learn something new each week. The meetings are very informal, fun and friendly. We do like to have a laugh! 

Are you ready to get started?

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