The Hidden Gem Health Training Club

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The Hidden Gem Health Training Club is a small group of local women who meet up to work out with me and get real results without needing to set foot in a gym. 

More personal than a group exercise class and more affordable than personal training, the HGH Training Club offers a friendly environment in which to work out and a variety of classes to choose from. 


My Classes

Monday 6pm – Strength Training

Tuesday 7.30pm – Hidden Gem Yoga

Wednesday 7pm – HardCore Abs

Thursday 5.30pm – HIIT 


If you are serious about committing to making changes to your weight, wellbeing or fitness, one of my all inclusive programmes might be the best value and most convenient way to turn your goals into reality. 

Total Transformation

If you need to lose more than one stone in weight and have not been taking part in regular fitness, this programme could be just what you need. 

• Initial consultation
• Unlimited classes (yoga, boxercise and yoga/boxercise hybrid)
• Online support
• Monthly body analysis
• Weight loss club membership
• Monthly private coaching session

£50 per month

Wonderful Wellness

If you want an all-round approach to fitness and wellness and you don’t need to lose weight (or just have a couple of pounds to lose), this package is perfect. 

• Initial consultation
• Yoga class
• One fitness class per week (boxercise or yoga/boxercise hybrid)
• Online support
• Monthly massage or nutritional coaching session

£40 per month

Keep Me Fit

If you’ve got less than a stone to lose and you’d like to incorporate regular fitness into your weekly routine, this programme gives you that little bit extra in addition to the classes themselves. 

• Initial consultation
• Unlimited fitness classes (boxercise and yoga/boxercise hybrid)
• Online support
• Monthly body analysis

£30 per month

Message me to book in!

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